Rotary Arcadia

Rotary District 9370, Southern Africa

Founded – 1961

"Rotary is an organization of business and professional persons united worldwide
who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations
and help build goodwill and peace in the World"
Rotary International 1976

Is it the TRUTH? Ingaba yi NYANISO?

Is it FAIR to all concerned?

Ingaba ino BULUNGISA kubo bonke abanomdla?



Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Ingayi NZUZO na kubo bonke abanomdla?

Rotary Arcadia

The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:
1. The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;
2. High ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society;
3. The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business, and community life;
4. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.



For food, fellowship and the opportunity to serve, we thank you O Lord. Make us ever mindful of those less privileged than ourselves. Amen.

COMRADES BOWLING CLUB - 12h30 for 13h00
 St David's Road, East London.

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Account No: 52126102715           Branch Code: 21012100

************************************************************************Rotary Arcadia


  • The second oldest club in East London, South Africa.
  • Chartered by East London Rotary Club
  • Charter President: Harold Whitfield received the charter from District Governor Arthur Markson on 25 November 1961.
  • First Board Meeting on 28 August 1961:
    Vice President: B A Levy
    Treasurer: D D Preston
    Secretary: R B Waterson
    Sergeant-at-Arms: H W Harrington
    Directors: T A Gunton; B J Kenyon; D Hill*; J A Chubb*
    Total membership: 23 members
    * Sponsoring members from East London Rotary Club

  • The club belonged to District 235, changing to 932, then 9320.
  • The first club project was the “Golden Age Club” which was officially constituted on 27 March 1962 and still continues with regular Arcadian support.
  • Some later projects included: Ongoing support to various old age homes. The result of this assistance was that Arcadia was entrusted with 2 bequests: The Baillie Trust (Aid to Senior Citizens) and The Jacobsson Trust (For any educational, charitable or ecclesiastical purpose.) In addition, the club is a 25% beneficiary of the Lily Brewis Trust (For the care of senior citizens).
  • Further projects included raising funds for the schooling of underprivileged children through many projects including a “Vintage Car Display” in the wool store in 1968 which was the most successful project at that time. As a result of these efforts, Ted and Mabel Everitt bequested funds to a trust in 1973 – Arcadia being Trustees.
  • The administration of these trusts occupies the considerable time of several Rotarians who ensure that the benefits flowing from the trusts are spent to good effect and where intended by the Testors. Some Arcadia projects are leveraged to good effect by the use of trust funds.
  • Other projects / fund-raisers over the years have been and are:
    A charity Wishing Well at the Orient Beach; Organising the East London Schools Midweek Athletics Club in 1965+; Formation of the Arcadia School for children with learning disabilities – opened 9 March 1990; Thoboshana a rural pre-primary/primary school (soon afterwards) – registered as a World Community Project; Frere Hospital Benevolent Association; Foundation of the Nipper (beginner life-savers) movement; Support of John Ball’s 1972 run across the USA; Chartering of 3 Interact Clubs; Chartering the Rotary Club of Beacon Bay; Chartering a Rotoract Club; Assisting various schools, crèches, children’s homes, day care centres (on going through the years); Tape Aids for the Blind – assistance in starting the East London branch; EXPO 1983 to 1987 in the City Hall and EXPO DIY 1995/6 – fund raisers; Mini RYLA camps 1993/4 at Mpongo Game Park; Film/meal for under-privileged children with fund raiser; GSE support; Rotary Foundation; Big Walk family fun fund-raiser; Music in the Park; Golf Days; Essay Competitions; Head Boy/Girl Dinners; Vocational Expos, visits, writers days; Support of various international youth exchange initiatives; Rape victim trauma room provision; Christmas parties for under-privileged school children; ROMEX – sourcing and distributing un-needed medical equipment from overseas.
  • For many years the club has had an active “100 Club” which meets every first Friday of a month for fellowship at the home of one of its members. Numerous other social activities are arranged for club members from time to time.
  • Arcadia Anns have organised many of their own projects over the years such as: Garden Party with Fashion Show; Bazaars, Easter Parades; Tea Party fund-raisers; markets; mini finishing school; Ascot Ball; Jersey project; recipe book fund-raisers, etc.

  • ..... and here is some later news, July 2011:

    At the time he seized power, the night was dark and stormy. “I will bring change”, he warned his hushed audience. Thinking about climate change and the storm outside, those listening wondered whether the change had already started? Global warming has ended! But Roland continued: “I would like to embrace all of you.” Eyebrows were raised. Nonetheless, Roland pushed on. “I want you to embrace too”. Was this a Lovefest In East London? “It’s an international directive and you must obey!” Over the top! (Disappointment soon set in.) “Reach Within Yourself To Embrace Humanity” is Rotary International’s theme for the year, for all the world! For 33,000+ Rotary Clubs in practically every country.”
    It was the changing of the guard for East London’s Rotary Club of Arcadia. Roland Rheeder had just been inducted as President for the next 12 months. He presented his “Presidential Junta” of loyal Rotarians willing to give of themselves by serving on Arcadia’s Board of Directors*. A mixture of talented people, experienced from many walks of life.
    Arcadia Rotary is celebrating 50 years of existence and is involved with several local schools. After starting the Arcadia School, Rotarians are now involved with Thoboshana Primary School, Qaqamba Secondary School and the Interact Clubs of Selborne, East London High, Clarendon and Qaqamba. (Interact is Junior Rotary.) Arcadia is further honoured that member Dave Briggs, will become “District Governor” in 2012. Dave will give of himself to guide 53 Rotary Clubs stretching from North West Province, Northern Cape, Free State, Lesotho and including the larger part of Eastern Cape – a total of 250,000km2. Good luck to Dave who will also be travelling to San Diego, USA, as our representative!
    Rotary was established as a businessman’s organisation in Chicago, USA in 1905 and all its members enjoy reciprocity with Rotary clubs worldwide. A Rotarian is welcome nearly everywhere! Rotarians endeavour to serve others ethically through their occupations, to attain world peace. Famous Rotarians include: Jean Sibelius, Guglielmo Marconi, Orville Wright, Colonel Harlan Sanders and Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.
    Now that Roland has brought cold and rain, he in return, wishes that Rotarians be mindful of our community’s needs. “Invariably there will be someone that we can assist in one way or another”. Sandy Rheeder is President of the Rotary Anns.
    *Ron Beard, Colleen Petzer, Derek Miller, Rommy Naude, Gwyn Bassingthwaighte, David Briggs, Bernard Lindstrom, Rainer Wiethoff, Charlie Pascoe.


Rotary Arcadia

OFFICIALS - DISTRICT 9370 2017-2018


Wally Jacobs - wally@cmbonline.co.za              082 612 3014


Brian van der Merwe

             082 373 4241


President:  Secretary: 
Rommy Naudé Yvonnen Smith
rommy.naude@icloud.com yvonne.smith@daimler.com
078 693 9281  083 466 2553


Immediate Past President:
Derek Miller Derek Miller
derek.djm@gmail.com 083 308 0878
Rommy Naudé
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